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Service Center Student Supervisor

Student Employee Position Summary: This position reports to the Service Center Operations Manager. It is responsible for communicating and maintaining excellent customer service to the on-campus and off-campus patrons who utilize the Service Center. This position acts as the Service Center Operations Manager on nights and weekends, in the absence of the manager. It is also responsible for directing the cashiers who work at the Service Center.

A. Customer Service Responsibilities

  1. Cash checks using the Ticketforce ticketing system and card reader.
  2. Sell tickets at the Service Center as well as at the event site, using the Ticketforce ticketing system.
  3. Answer phones and process phone orders.
  4. Provide correct information to customers.
  5. Provide postal and UPS services.
  6. Operate a postal scale, money order machine and postal machine.

B. Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Train cashiers on operation of the Ticketforce ticketing system, postal scale, money order machine, postal machine, card reader, and telephone system.
  2. Balance money in the vault and cash drawers.
  3. Maintain vault security by providing loans to cashiers.
  4. Open and close the Service Center using correct procedures.
  5. Prepare computer reports, balance the vault and lock/alarm the Service Center at the end of day shift.
  6. Direct cashiers on duties, services and information provided by the Service Center.

C. Miscellaneous Responsibilities

  1. Balance a cash drawer.
  2. Count thousands of dollars accurately.
  3. Act as a resource for the cashiers and the customers.
  4. Be professional, courteous and organized.