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Service Center Lead Student Supervisor

Student Employee Position Summary: This position reports directly to the Service Center Operations Manager. In addition to having the same responsibilities as the Student Supervisor, the Lead Supervisor is responsible for training the cashiers and supervisors, making sure events are staffed, and assisting the Service Center Operations Manager in making sure the operation runs smoothly.

A. Scheduling student ticket sellers for events

  1. Monitor event book.
  2. Draft students to work events.
  3. Update event tally spreadsheet.

B. Supervising cashier and student supervisor performance evaluations.

  1. Write up evaluations once a year.

C. Training and developing cashiers and student supervisors

  1. Organize training for cashiers and supervisors.
  2. Set up training sessions and meetings as needed.

D. Revising Service Center procedural manuals

  1. Review manuals twice a year.

E. Interviewing and hiring student cashiers

  1. Review job applications.
  2. Meet with prospective student cashiers.
  3. E-mail prospective student cashiers.
  4. Submit paperwork to Human Resources.
  5. Set up file for new hires.

F. Scheduling cashier and student supervisor work shifts

  1. Create sign-up schedule for fall , spring, summer, and breaks.
  2. Create semester schedule for fall, spring, summer, and breaks.

G. Submitting forms to Service Center Assistant Manager

  1. Have new hire fill out appropriate forms 1-9, W-4, Paycheck distribution, Statement of Selective Service forms.

H. Promoting student cashiers to student supervisors

  1. Interview student cashiers.
  2. Determine student cashiers that qualify for student supervisor position.
  3. Hire student cashiers and student supervisors.

I. Overseeing student cashiers and student supervisors

  1. Follow procedures for ticket selling, accounting, and cash handling.
  2. Organize payroll procedure.
  3. Send out weekly e-mails.