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Students Speak

"Being a member of Student Support Services has had an extensive impact on my education and has helped me to become a successful student. The program allows me to access student resources that are not available to other students. For example, for three semesters I have utilized the free tutoring services for Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Biochemistry, required rigorous courses for a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. As a result of my academic excellence, I was recently accepted into UW-Eau Claire's highly competitive nursing program as a first-time applicant. I have also taken advantage of the various workshops offered through SSS. A few of the workshops that I have benefited from offered advice about successful scholarship writing, study habits, and job skills.SSS has also enriched my cultural experiences at the university. I have been able to attend a number of renowned forums and presentations at no cost. Finally, through the SSS peer mentor program, I established connections with successful upperclassmen, program staff, and campus resources."
N.N., Nursing major

"SSS made me feel more comfortable about my transition into the college experience. During registration and orientation, I felt so overwhelmed, and I felt like I just didn't fit in. While registering, my advisor mentioned that I was eligible to take a couple of classes that were only for members of TRIO/SSS, and when I met with someone from SSS to sign up, I knew it was definitely a good thing. Now, I don't have to feel bad about where I come from, or feel like I'm not as good as the other students. Being a part of SSS made me realize that I can succeed just as much as anyone else can, and I should feel confident about the things I accomplish while I'm in college."
S.S., Undeclared

"I would have been lost without this program. SSS has guided me along my way to success over these past couple of years. The most important thing about SSS is the staff members working behind this program. With their help, I was able to receive financial aid, tutors for classes, go to events for free, pick the right classes, and most important, network with other SSS members. SSS has been a second family to me while furthering my education here, and the staff members have become my parents. If I had any questions or if I wanted something that I knew that TRIO could provide for me, I went to ask the staff, and they always did everything that they could to see that my needs were met."
C.Y., Management major

The Student Support Services program has benefited me academically and professionally. Academically, when I am having difficulty in a class, I have the ability to get a tutor for the class. Working with a tutor has helped me understand the course content and given me an individual to work with one-on-one to understand the key concepts. Also, I have been given the ability to work with an academic adviser to create a four-year plan for graduation. By creating a plan, I feel that I am more prepared when scheduling for classes, and proud that I am trying to complete my degree in four years. Professionally, I have worked with a staff member to develop a good resume that showcases all of my skills. I have also attended sessions sponsored by SSS on how to be more marketable and to act more professionally during an interview. The services offered by SSS have helped me grow academically and professionally in more ways than I can count.
E.R., Accounting major

I am a non-traditional student returning to UW-Eau Claire after taking a thirty year break in my education to raise a family. SSS has been like a security blanket for me in that I always have someone to turn to with questions or concerns. From the moment I joined this organization, the social events and meetings have allowed me to meet and feel comfortable with university staff and other students. The SSS mentoring program has also been a blessing; not only when I was a mentee, but now in my role as a mentor. The mentoring program has been a way to connect one-on-one with another student and form a bond that is comforting and invaluable. I believe that had I not been able to join SSS, my educational experience at UW Eau Claire would have been totally different and less fulfilling as a person and a student. 
 T.K., Psychology major

"Upon first coming to UW-Eau Claire, I felt overwhelmed. Being a member of TRIO has really helped me adjust and make the transition from a small-town girl to a university student. Thanks to Student Support Services, I am aware of all the campus has to offer me. I know where to go if I need career advice or how I can get help to figure out what classes I should take for my major. The staff is friendly and more than willing to help me in any way they can, or just to listen and chat. In addition, being a member of the SSS Student Advisory Board has really helped me make friends with students that are faced with the same challenges that I have (or will) deal with. The SSS program has definitely been a blessing for me."
K.L., Journalism major

"SSS has made me more involved than I would have been without this program. I have been able to attend forums, plays, and workshops. SSS has been a valuable resource for me because I know all the members come from similar backgrounds and are therefore easier to relate to. Because of this, I know that if I have a question about something, one of my peers has probably been through a similar situation and will be able to help me out. The SSS staff has also been a very helpful tool. They are constantly informing us of upcoming happenings on campus and they encourage us to get involved."
C.G., Criminal Justice major

"SSS has had a positive impact on my education. The services provided made for an easy transition into college life and gave special insight into requirements that made me more at ease as a first-year student. For example, I took advantage of a workshop about class registration offered by the TRIO staff. The workshop provided tips on how to plan a schedule and best navigate the registration system. I have also taken advantage of workshops to enhance my resume as I prepare for potential jobs and internships. I have further benefited from TRIO's commitment to make admission tickets available to fine arts activities on campus, such as concerts, plays, and speakers. This unique exchange allows students who otherwise would not be able to afford such events to experience what the campus has to offer. I am pleased by the services provided by TRIO and plan to take advantage of them throughout the remainder of my college career."
K.N., English Education major

"Before I came to college, I was scared about not being able to succeed. Being the first child of my family to attend college, I did not get much help from my parents to prepare for college, nor did I know what to expect. When I began classes, SSS helped me right from the start by inviting me to their informational welcome session, which connected me with various resources around campus. To enhance my leadership skills, I was given the opportunity to be on the Student Support Services Advisory Board. SSS has helped me make sure that I will be a successful student by providing workshops in time management, internships, financial planning, study skills, and test preparation. Lastly, SSS has given me the greatest experience as a first-year student by providing me with tickets to various activities around campus. This program has helped me to take charge of my life and to believe in myself."
C.Y., Accounting major

"I have benefited from SSS in many ways throughout my three years here at Eau Claire. Before I came to college, I had no idea what to expect. My parents never went to college, so they couldn't really answer my questions. Through the different programs put on by SSS, I was able to get a little better understanding of what college was all about and meet some new people. In my sophomore and junior year, I was able to use SSS as a way to polish my leadership skills. I was a mentor as well as an Advisory Board member. I was also able to use the Forum/Artist Series tickets to broaden my college experience even further. As a senior, I will continue to be a part of SSS."
T.L., Nursing major