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Units in the Student Success Network

Members of the Student Sucess Network include the following:

ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER provides tutoring in selected entry level courses, reading and learning strategies, English as a Second Language, and mathematics.  The ASC coordinates the Collegiate Bridge Program (link), the Commanding English Program (link), Supplemental Instruction (link), and offers developmental education courses for first year students and students in academic difficulty.

ADVISING AND NEW STUDENT INITIATIVES provides Orientation (link) to new freshmen and transfer students, Academic Advising (link) for undeclared students, services for Nontraditional students (link) and standardized testing through the Academic Testing (link) office.

CAREER SERVICES assists students with their career development from the time of their orientation to the university, into their alumni years. Specific services include career counseling and assessments, job and internship search assistance, and on-campus interviews

THE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY CENTERS (EOC) PROGRAM is a federally funded program providing free counseling and assistance on college admissions, including financial options, for adults who are considering post-secondary educational options.

SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (SSD) facilitates accommodations and services to students with documented disabilities that ensure equal access to university programs, services and activities.  Specific accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES is a federally funded program that provides a variety of supplemental services for 300 eligible students who are from low-income households, whose parents do not have four-year college degrees, or who have disabilities.

UPWARDBOUND is a federally funded pre-college program designed to give students the skills & motivation to succeed in high school and make a successful transition to the post-secondary level.