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AIM Career Development Services

Dan Zabel
Career Services Coordinator
Project AIM
Centennial Hall 2106

A message from Dan:

Students in Project AIM (Ability In Motion) are eligible for the following career-related services through the Services for Students with Disabilities office:

  • Explore career interests and considerations for academic majors and minors.
  • Learn about Handshake, an important resource tool for obtaining work-study jobs, part-time jobs, internships & post-graduation full-time jobs as well as obtaining information on career events and career fairs.
  • Find potential internship opportunities to maximize your undergraduate knowledge and experience. 
  • Establish a resume that can be adapted for specific purposes.
  • Create cover letters for each job posting you seek.
  • Gain good interview techniques that will demonstrate your interests, skills, knowledge and fit.
  • Pursue graduate programs and professional programs and enroll in GEN 260, a 1-credit elective course to assist with graduate school preparation.
  • Discover scholarship and/or other funding opportunities for education and receive assistance with the application process. 

I invite students in Project AIM to schedule an appointment to explore career resources that may empower your success in your career.

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