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welsey meives


Wesley Meives 


Barneveld, WI






Pre-Professional Health


Eric Jamelski


Eric Jamelski

What nonprofit did you work with?

UWEC Economics Department

Visit their Facebook page by searching:

"Economics Department, UW Eau Claire"




What did you do for your service-learning?

I was introduced to my service-learning project through my Environmental Economics class, led by Dr. Eric Jamelske. We started out by surveying middle school and high school aged students in order to get their perception of what is happening with the current climate change. Through this, I was offered an opportunity to continue this study of climate perception in four of the major cities of China including, Beijing, Chendu, Guangzhou, and Xi'an. Everyday our research group would go out into one of these Chinese communities and survey climate perception of Chinese adults. Over the course of 70 days, we compiled over 2,000 responses that we have been presenting to representatives in China, Madison, and Eau Claire.



What motivated you to choose this project?

I really wanted to pursue something like this in my actual career, so it was great way to develop a base foundation for my future while helping others and the environment.

How did you impact your community?

Because this was our initial data collection, we understood that this process would take time to fully affect a community. Our main goal was to raise awareness through our presentations and hopefully influence those who have the power to make those changes.


Would you recommend this to other students?

Absolutely! Even if it's not going to China for surveying students, I highly recommend that students explore their service-learning if they ever do research abroad in another country. In my opinion, it's one of the best ways to get out and learn about the culture first-hand.

How would you summarize the experience in one sentence?

I had the time of my life through this experience- learning about new culture and meeting new people!

What has been your favorite class so far?

Environmental Economics

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

The wood bench outside of the McIntyre Library

What is your favorite food at the Davies Center?

The sushi

What has been your most memorable time at Eau Claire?

This trip to China!




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