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Casey Mesner

Casey Mesner


Tomah, WI






Dance and Criminal Justice


Jeffrey Goodman


Jenny Gruber


What nonprofit did you work with?

Oakwood Villa Nursing Home



What did you do for your service-learning?

I had the privilege of being the activities assistant, including facilitating with crafts, games, and also socializing with the residents at Oakwood Villa Nursing Homes.

What motivated you to choose this project?

In the past I have volunteered at a pre-school, as well as taught younger children in dance classes, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to become better-rounded and build my communication skills with the older generation.


Is your service-learning relevant to your field of study?

Yes, definitely! As a psychology major, I plan to apply what I have learned working with different age groups, specifically the older population, to my prior knowledge of working with children in order to enhance my understanding of psychology.


How did you impact your community?

This service-learning opportunity has taught me to be more appreciative and better communicator in my community. I want to continue this and demonstrate to society by helping out when I have identified a need.

Would you recommend this to other students?

Yes, most definitely. This opportunity has a lot of variety, which I really enjoyed, but more than that the residents I was able to connect with were full of exciting stories, talents, and life!

How would you summarize the experience in one sentence?

It's taught me how to be more appreciative and understanding of people with different circumstances, including age, cognitive and physical abilities.

What has been your favorite class so far?

Abnormal Psychology

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

The dance studio in McPhee

What is your favorite food at the Davies Center?

Sandwich wraps (from the old Davies)

What has been your most memorable time at Eau Claire?

My study abroad trip in Perth, Australia



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