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100 Ways to make Love without Doing It

©Rollerblade©Play old-school

video games©Go for a walk ©Do a crossword

puzzle©Swing in the park©Pick wildflowers

©Listen to music©Watch a sunrise or sunset

©Go to/rent a movie©Write a poem©Go

dancing©Sing a song©Read a book©Go

fishing©Eat ice cream©Go swimming

©Go to an athletic event©See a play/concert

©Go out to dinner©Stargaze©Play the piano

©Sing karaoke together©Go skiing

©Kiss your partner©Give your partner

a massage©Plant a tree©Go for a jog

©Have a snowball fight©Go to aerobics

©Volunteer©Climb a tree©Organize a

photo album or scrapbook©Find stuff to

give to Goodwill©Join a campus organization

©Study together©Go to the mall©Dress up and

go out©Make new friends©Hold hands©Read

the Sunday comics©Play old-school video games

©Do a crossword puzzle©Pick wildflowers

©Watch a sunrise or sunset©Play Frisbee©Go

camping for a weekend©Write love letters to

each other©Go bowling©Watch television©Go

to church©Canoeing©Go skating©Do laundry

©Lift weights©Wash dishes©Rearrange your

room/house©Clean your car©Talk to each other

©Go sledding©Tell jokes©Play games©Go

biking©Visit the zoo©Grill out together©Go

to a museum©Cuddle©Go for a drive©Make

snow angels©Play pool©Offer to help out

a neighbor©Play golf©Color in a coloring book

©Put a puzzle together©Go to the Cabin©Go

puddle jumping©Drive to Big Falls©Bake

together©Visit elderly©Rake leaves©Try new

foods©Take a moonlit stroll©Go to the

Viennese Ball