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Verification of Enrollment and Degree


Enrollment Verification - Student Request

Students can obtain enrollment verification at no charge,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week through National Student Clearinghouse. Go to MyBlugold CampS, select Student Center and then My Academics.  On the My Academics page select the link for an Enrollment Verification and follow the instructions from there.  This service is provided free of charge to UWEC students through the National Student Clearinghouse. We are unable to verify future dates of enrollment. 

Specialized Enrollment and Degree Verifications

If for some reason the enrollment verification certificate supplied by the National Student Clearinghouse does not meet your specific need, you can request a customized Enrollment/Degree Verification report.  To do so please send a detailed message to Verifications. Verification requests may also be faxed to (715) 836-5816.

Agencies requesting Verification

If you are an employer, credit card company, scholarship, insurance company, or any other agency needing to verify student enrollment or degree, or dates of attendance please see the National Student Clearinghouse page.


In order for enrollment verifications or academic records to be processed by other countries some require an apostille, a state seal indicating authenticity of the entity providing the information.  The Records and Registration Office processes the initial information in preparation for the student to request and apostille from the Office of the Secretary of State, Wisconsin.  Information about apostille processing for the Office of the Secretary of State can be found at Apostilles.

Voter Verification

To obtain proof of residency/enrollment in order to meet the new voting requirement for Wisconsin, a student may go to MyBlugold CampS, select Student Center and then from the drop down menu select Voter Verification.  Upon selecting the Voter Verification drop down, a PDF will generate indicating your campus/local address and your enrollment status for the semester.  This document is required for proof of residency when using the Student Voter ID (provided by the Blugold Card Office) in order to vote in an election within Wisconsin. 

See the Government Accountability Board:Registration and Voting website for more information.

The University of Wisconsin System also provides a Student Voting Guide for students enrolled at UW System Institutions, who wish to vote in Wisconsin.

What May Be Released Without the Student's Signature (Unless Previously Restricted by the Student)

  • Name and classification
  • Local and permanent addresses and phone numbers
  • Majors and minors
  • College
  • Degrees received
  • Dates of enrollment
  • Full-time and/or part-time status

Enrollment Status Chart (Effective Summer 2014)

Spring and Fall Semesters
Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full-time 12 or more credits 9 or more credits
3/4 time 9-11 credits 6-8 credits
1/2 time 6-8 credits 4-5 credits
Less than half-time Less than 6 credits Less than 4 credits
Winterim Session
Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full-time 2 credits 2 credits
1/2 time 1 credit 1 credit
Summer Session
Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full-time 12  or more credits 6 or more credits
3/4 time 9-11 credits 5 credits
1/2 time 6-8 credits 3-4 credits
Less than half-time Less than 6 credits Less than 3 credits

Maximum Credit Load

Spring and Fall Semesters

18 credits is the maximum load for which a student may register without obtaining special permission. Registration for more than 18 credits (including audits) may be permitted by the Associate Dean of the college in which the student is enrolled, if the student has a resident GPA of at least 3.00 and if other conditions make the overload advisable.

Summer and Winterim Sessions

You may carry one credit per week of attendance. For instance, in eight weeks you may take eight credits; in three weeks you may take three credits. (You must have the Dean's permission before you will be allowed to register for an overload which is granted only in special circumstances).


If you have a question we may be contacted at Staff are available during the day to answer questions at (715) 836-3000.