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Third Party Access to Your Contact Information

As a publicly funded state institution, the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire is required by Wisconsin's public records law to provide your contact information to third parties who request it. As a result, you may receive mailings and solicitations from businesses and other entities not affiliated with the university. Please be aware that many of these third parties offer services and products relevant to college.

If you wish to limit the information you receive from third parties, you have two options:

Third-Party Email Access (MyBlugold CampS)

On MyBlugold CampS, you have the ability to indicate whether you want your email address to be excluded from releases to third parties. This is similar to "opting out" of a mailing list and most requestors of contact information honor the student's choice to opt out of receiving third party mailings and solicitations.

This only restricts most communications with businesses. Some third parties may obtain your contact information from the online directory; therefore, you may receive some information from those third parties. However, excluding your email address from third party releases greatly reduces the majority of communications.

How to exclude your email address from released to third parties:

  • Log into MyBlugold CampS and go to Self Service > Student Center
  • Under Personal Information, select the other personal drop-down menu
  • Select "Third Party Email Access"
  • Select "Exclude" (Do not release my email address to third-parties)
  • Select "Save" - You will receive a message indicating "Your selection, Exclude, has been saved."

Student Directory Information Restriction Request Form (eForm)

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to restrict the release of certain student information to non-university entities.

Enacting a FERPA restriction is considered a more restrictive option than excluding your email address from third-parties because it restricts the release of your information to all non-university entities, not just third party vendors wanting to send you information. This hold will prohibit the release of information to potential employers, local newspapers, ect.

For additional information regarding FERPA, visit the Student Privacy Rights (FERPA) page.

You have the right to restrict the release of some or all of your directory information:

  • Phone Number(s) Only -- restricts the release of all phone numbers.
  • Address(es) Only -- restricts the releases of your physical address.
  • All Academic and Biographical Information -- restricts release of all directory information. (Please note: selecting this option will result in the University not being able to verify enrollment or graduation data to prospective employers and/or newspapers)