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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

Procedure for changing a major to Communication Sciences and Disorders:

1. If you are considering changing your major to Communication Sciences and Disorders, obtain a "What-If" Degree Audit. This audit will give you a better understanding of the requirements you will need to complete our program. Please review the audit, our website and the University catalog to learn more about the program.

2. Proceed directly to step 4 if you:

  • have a 2.5 overall GPA (2.5 is required for all upper division CSD courses)
  • have 45 credits or fewer
  • understand that a major in CSD is designed to get you ready for a graduate degree in speech-language pathology or audiology, which takes at least two years of graduate school
  • are sure about changing your major to Communication Sciences and Disorders

3. If you have questions about whether you want to be a Communication Sciences and Disorders major or which of our two majors is right for you (especially true if you have a lot of credits already), you should meet with an adviser or the department Chair before declaring a major in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. The Academic Department Associate in CSD (Human Sciences and Services 112) can refer you to an adviser or the Chair. You must have your “What-If” degree audit with you for the appointment. An appointment with an adviser or the Chair will be arranged as soon as possible.

4. Once you have determined that Communication Sciences and Disorders is the field you wish to pursue, please contact the Academic Department Associate in our department (by phone, email, or in person, as indicated at the bottom of this page). She will assign you to a permanent faculty adviser in the department, and add your major on-line.

Undergraduate majors administered by the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department are:

  • Comprehensive major (Code 622-053) - 59 credits
  • Standard major (Code 622-252) – 36 credits

Please contact:
Krista Raleigh, Academic Department Associate
Human Sciences and Services 112