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Change of Major/Minor Procedures

How to Change to a Chemistry Major, B/MB major, Chemistry with Business Emphasis major, or Pre-Pharmacy Program:

1. Come to the chemistry department office or email the chemistry department program associate, and ask to meet with a faculty member to discuss the Chemistry, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, or Pre-pharmacy degree options.

Patricia Benson, Academic Department Associate
Phillips Hall 430

You should check the web for the requirements and suggested course schedule for the different majors, which each meet different career goals, or you can pick up advising sheets from the chemistry department office. (select the Curriculum link).

2. After getting the name of a faculty member from Patricia Benson, email or call the faculty member to make an appointment.

When you set up a time, the faculty member will ask you to get a "What-If" Degree Audit for the appropriate major and pick up a major change form from the department office for the major change. Bring both the “What if” degree audit and major change form to your meeting with the faculty member.

You will discuss the major with the faculty member, and go over a tentative schedule needed to finish the degree in a timely way.

3. The faculty member will complete and sign the major change form, and will ask the Chemistry Department program associate to make the change to your major, and assign you a permanent advisor.

How to add a Chemistry Minor:

Go to the Chemistry Department office or email the chemistry department program associate, and ask her to enter your new chemistry minor. Please provide your student ID number. Faculty consultation is encouraged, but not required for the change.

Requirements and suggested course sequences for the chemistry minor can be found on the web at: (select the Curriculum link).

You may contact the Academic Department Associate as follows:

Patricia Benson
Phillips Hall 430