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 Student Right to Know

Consumer Information

Bookstore and Textbook Notices

Career Placement Services

College Navigator for UW Eau Claire

Enrollment Reports

Graduate Employment Survey

Grievance Process for Student Complaints

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation

National Center for Education Statistics

Program Review and Improvement Process

Retention and Graduation Rate Reports

Services for Students with Disabilities

Sexual Harassment and Consensual Relations Policies

University Strategic Planning

Where to Go for Help

Withdrawing from the University

UWSA Policy Governing the Use of Federal Funds  


Distance Education

State Agency Relating to Distance Education Complaints


Financial Aid Notices

Alternative Loans and Title IV

Alternate Payment Plans

Code of Conduct for Lenders and Employees re Financial Aid Account - Manage Student Loans

Net Price Calculator

Truth in Lending Policy


Health and Safety Information

Campus Crime Statistics

Drug and Alcohol Policies

Emergency Notification System

Penalties for Drug Violations

People Who Can Help

Vaccination Reporting for Students Living on Campus

Vaccination Requirements College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Information Security Policies

Computer and Network Use Policies UWEC

Illegal File Sharing  


Students Rights to Records

Directory Information Restriction Form

Privacy of Student Records 


Student Rights and Responsibilities

Readmission of Military Veterans

Students Educational Rights


Teacher Education and Certification

Teacher Certification for Special Education

Teacher Preparation Requirements

Remediation of Poor Performing Teachers


Transfer Credit Notices

Transfer Credit Policy