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Registration Changes - Add, Drop, Withdraw

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Adding a Class

During the first week of the fall or spring semesters, you may make changes (drops OR adds) to your registration directly through MyBlugold CampS. As of the second week, however, you can only drop classes on MyBlugold CampS.  

Adding classes after the second week of a class requires a Change of Registration Form (available above) with the appropriate approvals.

Cancellation of Classes - Dropping all Classes Prior to the Start of the Term

Cancellation is a word the University uses to refer specifically to "deleting" a registration prior to the beginning of the term. To cancel your registration, and receive a full refund, you must drop all of your classes through MyBlugold CampS prior to the beginning of the term.  Students will then be eligible for a full refund including their $100 Transfer Enrollment Deposit for the next semester.  The $100 Freshmen Enrollment Deposit paid at the time of admission is non-refundable.  Failure to attend classes does NOT constitute a cancellation, and may result in an "F" grade(s) and a balance owed to the University. Additionally, you should be aware the University does not have a policy of automatically dropping students who do not attend the first class meeting. You are responsible for ensuring that you are dropped from classes.

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

Dropping full semester classes during the first two weeks of a regular semester has no effect upon your record, since these dropped courses are not recorded on your transcript. After the second week, however, a dropped class will result in a grade of "W," (see Withdrawing from Classes) and this remains the case up until the eleventh week of classes. After the beginning of the eleventh week, no withdrawals from courses, i.e., "drops," are permitted, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Dean of the college/School in which the student is enrolled. These deadline dates are shown on the student class schedule within MyBlugold CampS and can be found be selecting the "Deadlines" calendar link.

Although a "W" has no negative impact on your cumulative GPA., you should recognize that a course in which you receive a "W" counts as an attempt for repeat policy and financial aid purposes.

Special students enrolled in only one course, who wish to drop that course, are considered to be withdrawing from the University - see Withdraw from the University.

Dropping classes after the second week of a class requires a Change of Registration form (available at top of this page) with the appropriate approvals.    

Time Conflict Changes

If a student encounters a time conflict while enrolling (class times overlap), the student needs to complete a Change of Registration form (available at the top of this page), obtaining both instructor's approval that the student can leave early/arrive late for their course.  Once approval is obtained, the student enrolls in one of the courses and takes the form to Blugold Central, Old Library 1108 to have them enroll the student in the second course.

Withdrawal from the University - Dropping/Withdrawing from All Classes After the Term Begins

Visit the Withdraw from the University webpage for complete information on this process.