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Graduation and Degree Review

Important Degree Review and Graduation Links

Degree Audit and Planning

The Registrar's Office produces degree audits which monitor the progress students are making toward completing their declared degrees. The audit is a tool designed to assist a student in course planning. Students may request a degree audit any time from Student Center in CampS .

The Degree Audit is not designed to serve as a contract--only to provide assistance to students in planning. Final approval of degree requirements resides with the Office of the Registrar, but responsibility for meeting these requirements rests primarily upon the individual student.

Current students may request a degree audit through CampS by going to the Student Center. In the Academics section, click the "Other Academic..." drop-down and choose "Degree Audit". A report will appear in a few seconds.  At the top of the report is a "View report as PDF" button. Click this button and wait about 30 seconds for the most complete version of the degree audit.

Degree Review Staff

Becky Drout, Audrey Richardson, and Erin Olson work in the Registrar's Unit and are responsible for confirming that graduation requirements have been met. They code each catalogue year's requirements into the degree audit format, and are our resident experts on the audit. If you have any questions about what something means on your degree audit, contact Becky, Audrey, or Erin at