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Archived Catalogs 

2016-2017 Undergraduate

2015-2017 Graduate

2015-2016 Undergraduate

2014-2015 Undergraduate 2013-2015 Graduate 2013-2014 Undergraduate

2012-2013 Undergraduate

2011-2013 Graduate

2011-2012 Undergraduate

2010-2011 Undergraduate

2009-2010 Undergraduate

Historical Catalogs - CollegeSource (1994 - Present)

To reach our Historical Catalogs, please follow these five steps:

1. These historical catalogs are only available to on-campus web users and require Adobe Reader to view.

2. Once at;type in "University of Wisconsin," NOT "University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire" OR "University of Wisconsin Eau Claire."

3. A drop down menu will appear. Choose the PDF icon on the far left on the same line as the "University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire."

4. Once opened, you'll see both the most recently published undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

5. Click the "plus" sign to expand the list of all available catalogs.