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Crate Stacking Competition

Come check out the crate stacking competition! The event is December 16th 7pm-10pm. Check it out!

Spring Wellness

Spring Wellness

Spring is around the corner! Check what we have in store!

IT/Web Design Employment

Interested in joining the Recreation Staff.  We are hiring for IT/Web Design!  Apply Today! Check out the job description under employment.

employee yoga

Employee Yoga

Drop in and try out the employee yoga.  Yoga from October 31st - December 22nd.  Check out the poster.

Winter Wellness

Come check out what wellness has to offer this winter in our poster!

Online Registration Logo

Online Classes, Memberships, and Trip Registrations

Online Class, Membership, and Trip registration is now available! Visit to sign up for Fitness Memberships, Wellness Classes, Adventure Trips, and more!

Fitness Center Shoes Policy

Crest Fitness Center and MSPC have now become year round second pair of shoes facilities. This means you must bring a second pair of shoes to work out in at all times. This has been done to keep the equipment in better condition, as well as keeping the facility clean. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Brittany Wold.