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Frequently Asked Questions

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McPhee/Olson Indoor Facilities

  • Can I check to see facility availability?
    Yes - please visit - Click on the Athletics and Recreation link.

  • How do I reserve a room or gym?
    Contact Tammy Brunschmid at 836-2546 - or Neil Ostlund (715-836-4931) 

  • Are the McPhee/Olson facilities open to the general public for drop-in use?
    Hours and fee information can be obtained by calling 836-3950 or by checking out the Schedules Page on our website.

  • Are there any specific areas open to the public?
    Yes - Community members can purchase a pass to use the indoor running track during select hours. The fees for track access are $15/month, $60/months, and $100/year.

  • Is there a fee for using the facilities?
    For drop-in play there is no charge for current students, faculty, staff, and spouses. There may be a rental charge for reserving rooms or activity spaces.

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