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EAC Archery Rance

EAC Archery Range

The indoor archery range (located in the Environmental Adventure Center) is designed to provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to be introduced to the sport of archery. Use of the equipment, range, and lessons from the present Archery Range Officer are provided during your visit. Free bow storage available! Check with the on-duty Range Officer for details.

Special Events

The archery range is a unique place to hold events for dorm wings, clubs, classes and more! Here we offer a time to bond with your peers while learning a new and exciting skill. Holding an archery workshop is not only fun, but affordable (the college student's dream!) An archery event includes use of necessary equipment, a lesson and assistance from an archery range officer, and plenty of time to practice in a safe and enjoyable environment. If you are interested in scheduling an event, you can contact Al Wiberg (below).


Al Wiberg (715-836-5601)

Archery Shoot Hours

Monday: 9:00AM-11:00AM and 3:00PM-5:00PM
Wednesday: 5:30PM - 7:30PM