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Involvement Opportunities


How can K-12 teachers get involved?

  • Participate in a 25 hour, one week professional development from June 15-19, 2009.
  • Fall 2009- Avail your classroom to pre-service students so that they can observe RTI and CCP practices.
  • Fall 2009- Work closely with a university faculty member as a coach to support you as you model RTI and CCP practices in your classroom.
  • Respond to pre- and post- assessments that will gather information pertaining to your knowledge, skills, and disposition as they pertain to RTI and CCP.
  • Spring 2010- Open your classroom to your colleagues who are interested in observing your RTI and CCP practices.

Memorandum of Commitment

How can preservice teachers get involved?

  • Participate in the collaborative professional development teacher sessions during the summer of 2009-2010.
  • Be paired in practicum settings with teachers who participated in year 1 and exit their preservice teaching program with a demonstrative understanding of RTI and culturally congruent teaching practices.


How can college professors get involved?

The UWEC faculty from the Arts and Sciences (A&S) department and the Teacher Education Program (TEP) will work closely with Eau Claire Area School District Teaching and Learning Department personnel to:

  • Assess current preservice and inservice educators’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
  • Deconstruct RTI in alignment with CCP.
  • Co-develop and participate in a CCP professional development program designed around the RTI model.
  • Coach and support a growing CCP cadre.
  • Infuse the CCP/RTI model into preservice education courses to the extent that preservice teachers can show evidence of knowledge and skills in their assessment portfolios.