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Psychology Senior Exit Survey Guidelines

The senior exit survey is one of the mechanisms the Psychology Department uses to assess learning goals for the psychology major. Exit survey data are also used to make improvements to other aspects of the program, such as academic advising, student organizations, etc. Students complete the survey while enrolled in Psychology 400, 401, and 470, the Department's three capstone courses.

Some exit survey questions require students to have specific information on hand (e.g., GRE scores); therefore, students should review the survey questions before logging in to complete the online version.  Students need to budget enough time to complete the online survey in one sitting.  It is not possible to re-enter the survey to add responses or to make edits to existing responses.

Students are asked to give their names when completing the exit survey so that the department chair can provide Psychology 400, 401, and 470 instructors with a list of respondents for purposes of course credit.  The department chair removes all student names before sharing survey responses with other Psychology Department faculty members, thereby upholding confidentiality.

Link to Online Survey