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Program Sequence

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The usual period of study including internship, is three years.Some coursework is completed during winterim (January term) and summers.Each semester students are expected to enroll in 12 to 16 credits.The program is not designed for part-time students; however, students with an interest in completing the program on a part time basis should seek more information from the Program Director.

Students earn two degrees in the School Psychology program, the Master's of Science in Education and the Education Specialist Degree:

Master's of Science in Education

The M.S.E. degree is completed during the first year of enrollment in the graduate program.The first year of study enables students to acquire core knowledge in psychology, education, and research while also developing beginning skills in assessment, intervention, and consultation.The M.S.E. degree is earned upon completion of all required first year coursework (31 graduate credit hours) and successful completion of a written comprehensive examination.

Education Specialist Degree

The remaining two years of full time study involves 37 additional graduate credit hours of advanced training, including a year-long full time internship.In the second year of study, skills in assessment, intervention, consultation, and data based decision-making are further enhanced through advanced practicum placements in the public schools, in a multi-cultural practicum placement, and in the Human Development Center.

The national certification examination for school psychologists (NCSP) is completed in the spring semester of the second year of study.Students are also strongly encouraged to finish their thesis research in the second year of study.Upon successful completion of 31 additional credits in the second year of study and attainment of a passing score on the NCSP exam, students qualify for the Initial Educator License in Wisconsin.The granting of the license qualifies students to enroll in the internship.

The internship year involves at least 1,200 hours of supervised, full-time professional practice (or continuous half time practice).At least 600 hours of practice must be in a public school setting.Upon successful completion of the internship and oral defense of the thesis, students earn the Ed.S. degree.Students are also encouraged to apply for National Certification as a School Psychologist.