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School Psychology License and Certification

School Psychology Certification Plaque


Certification Requirements for School Psychologists

Typically, school psychologists are required to be licensed or certified by a state's department of education or department of licensing to be able to practice as a school psychologist.  The UW-Eau Claire program is modeled after the National Association of School Psychologists Standards for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists.  Graduates of our program have been readily accepted for employment throughout most of the country.

Wisconsin Licensure

The state of Wisconsin has a graduated licensing structure for school psychologists working in the public schools.  Licenses are granted by the Department of Public Instruction (WI DPI).  The UW-Eau Claire program is a WI DPI approved training program for school psychology.

Initial Educator:  The Initial Educator license is granted to school psychologists for their first 3-5 years of work, including the internship year.  The school psychology intern must receive endorsement from his or her graduate program to obtain the license.

To obtain the Initial Educator license, the internship candidate must receive endorsement from the graduate program. For UW-Eau Claire School Psychology candidates, institutional endorsement is granted after the candidate:

1) completes all required coursework
2) earns a passing score on the NCSP exam (Praxis II)
3) Completes a professional portfolio documenting competencies as related to the Wisconsin Pupil Services Standards.

Professional Educator:  School psychologists will advance to the Professional Educator license after 3-5 years of successful practice as a school psychologist and successful completion of a Professional Development Plan.  The Professional Educator license is renewed every five years.

National Certification as a School Psychologist

The NASP National School Psychology Certification System grants national certification of school psychologists (NCSP), which is considered the highest level of recognition in the field.  Although national certification is not required for practice, it does reflect the school psychologist's rigorous training and competencies.  Obtaining the NCSP makes school psychologists eligible for increased salary in some school districts, and some states grant parity to the NCSP for initial or renewal of school psychology licenses.

NASP certification Includes:

  • Successful completion of the NASP-approved UW-Eau Claire Education Specialist degree (including successful completion of an internship that meets NASP standards) 
  • A passing score on the NCSP exam (Praxis II Examination in School Psychology)
  • Obtainment of state certification or licensure as a school psychologist

Graduates of UW-Eau Claire's school psychology program are strongly encouraged to apply for the NCSP