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April Bleske-Rechek

April Bleske-Rechek

Degree: Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Area: Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology
Position: Professor
Office: HHH 255
Phone: (715) 836-4641

I received my PhD in Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001. After graduate school, I spent two years as a post-doctoral researcher in applied individual differences at Vanderbilt University. I joined the Psychology Department at UW-Eau Claire in 2003.

At the broadest level, I am a differential psychologist. I am interested in individual and group differences in human behavior, and research devoted to untangling their ultimate and proximate causes. In keeping with those interests, I teach Personality Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Individual Differences and Behavior Genetics. I also have a keen interest in scientific literacy, evolved biases in humans' cognitive architecture, and students' learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning. In keeping with those interests, I teach Research Methods in Psychology and Big Issues in Psychology (senior seminar). My research is broadly devoted to the study of individual and group differences in enduring psychological attributes. I run an active research lab of 8-10 students per semester; students and I meet weekly as a full lab for a reading group and weekly in small groups to progress with ongoing research projects. Students in my lab are research collaborators; they participate with me in all phases of the scientific process. Students and I present our work annually at national conferences such as the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science; many students go on to be coauthors on written summaries of our work. More information about our recent projects and publications is available at my website:

Select recent publications:

Bleske-Rechek, A., Morrison, K., & Heidtke, L. (2015). Causal inference from descriptions of experimental and non-experimental research: Public understanding of correlation-versus-causation. Journal of General Psychology, 142, 48-70.

Bleske-Rechek, A., & Ryan, D. E. (2015). Continuity and change in emerging adults' mate preferences and mating orientations. Personality and Individual Differences, 72, 90-95.

Bleske-Rechek, A., & Browne, K. (2014). Trends in GRE scores and graduate enrollments by gender and ethnicity. Intelligence, 46, 25-34. doi:10.1016/j.intell.2014.05.005

Bleske-Rechek, A., Kolb, C., Stern, A. S., Quigley, K., & Nelson, L. A. (2014). Face and body: Independent predictors of women's attractiveness. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 43, 1355-1365.

Bleske-Rechek, A., & Kelley, J. A. (2014). Birth order and personality: A within-family test using independent self-reports from both firstborn and laterborn siblings. Personality and Individual Differences, 56, 15-18. doi: