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About Policies

1.  What policies are in the University Policy Directory?

The Policy Directory contains policies that affect the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire community.  Included in the Directory are policies that align operations, set classroom expectations, inform acceptable behavior, and establish governance.

The Directory does not include:

  • College level policies
  • Departmental policies
  • Unit policies
  • Policies for individual student organizations

2.  How are new policies developed?

Policies are developed and ratified in a number of ways.  The University Senate is the primary legislative body of the faculty and academic staff and as such develops and accepts new policies, subject to the approval of the Chancellor.  Certain units and administrators are also responsible for campus-wide policies.

For more information, contact the Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action or the Chair of the University Senate.

3. How do I know who is responsible for a specific policy?

Policies are maintained and updated by individual units.  When you click on a link in the Policy Directory, it will take you to the site hosting the policy document.  If it is unclear from either the banner or the footer on the page, look for the units name in the URL.  For example:

4.  What should I do if I want to comment on a current policy?

If you would like to comment on a current policy and you are unsure about whom to contact, please email or call the Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action.