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Description: Ketamine hydrochloride liquid is a veterinary tranquilizer/anesthetic that is legitimately manufactured and stolen from animal clinics or otherwise diverted. Dried Ketamine is a  white powder which looks similar to pharmaceutical grade cocaine and is packaged in small plastic bags, folded paper, aluminum foil, and capsules. Liquid Ketamine is stored in vials. An individual dose of powder costs $20 - $40.

Street names: K, Special K, Vitamin K, New Ecstasy, Psychedelic Heroin, Ketalar, Ketaject, Super-K and Breakfast Cereal. Slang for experiences related to ketamine or effects of ketamine include, "k-hole," "K-land," "baby food," and "God."

Effects: Classified as a dissassociative, ketamine creates a sensation where the user feels as if they are separated from their body and may report near death experiences. Users refer to this sensation as a "K-hold" or "K-land." In this state, users to not respond to pain and are at risk of injury without being aware or even caring about it.

Low doses (25 - 100mg) will produce a "high" very quickly. Larger doses can cause vomiting, seizures and reduced breathing. Doses of 1 gram or more can cause death.
The ketamine "high" usually lasts for about an hour although effects may persist for 4-6 hours. Like most anesthetic agents, it may take the user 24 - 48 hours before they feel "normal" again.

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