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L.E. Phillips Planetarium program

Stardate: Ancient Horizons

Explore the astronomy of the ancient Egyptians in this fascinating program. The eternal quest for cosmic order motivated the Egyptians to watch the sky, worship celestial objects, and build great pyramids. The cycles of life and death, the annual flooding of the Nile, and the succession of divine kings were linked to the sun's motion and the nightly march of the stars across the sky. Learn how through more than 5 millennia the people of the Nile River grew up admiring the sky.

Ancient Horizons is aimed at adults, and is appropriate for ages 14 and older. The multimedia portion is 20 minutes, plus a discussion of the current night sky, for a 1-hour show.
"StarDate: Ancient Horizons" was produced by the University of Texas McDonald Observatory team that creates the syndicated radio series "Star Date." A Science Museum of Virginia production.

All the show details are at the StarDate website.