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Bicycle Rules & Regulations


To ensure the safety of pedestrians and riders the UW System and UWEC have developed rules and regulations for the proper parking of bicycles.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Bicycles may only park in designated areas located around campus. To prevent theft, please lock your bicycle.
  • Permits are not required.
  • Parking in non-designated areas (railings, sign posts, buildings, trees, etc.) may result in immediate removal if access to vehicular parking, buildings, etc is prohibited.
  • Bikes not parked in designated parking areas, will be given a warning requesting the bike be moved within 48 hours of the notice. If bike owners do not remove them within 48 hours of the warning, the bike will be removed and impounded by the facilities department, Bike owners will have 30 days from the day of removal to claim their bikes by calling 715-836-3411. Any bikes not claimed after 30 days will be sold in the facilities surplus sale.
  • Temporary bike racks are removed each fall. Notices will be posted prior to the removal of the racks. If your bike was attached to a rack and was removed along with the bike rack, please contact Facilities 715-836-3411.

For additional information please refer to: