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Prestigious Blugold Student Awards

Blugold students and alumni have over the years received many prestigious awards. Below is a list of students and the awards they have won. Some of the names also link to posters containing more information about each respective award winner (info current as of September 2016). The posters were created in celebration of UWEC's centennial year (2016-2017). If anyone has additional information or would like to add or correct any of the information below, please contact us at

Note: McNair Scholars are indicated by an asterisk.   

Rhodes Scholarship

Chauncy Harris
Tayo Sanders II*

Fulbright Grant

Gayle Mittelstadt, West Germany
Debora Raatz, West Germany
Kathleen Olson, Finland
Joseph Welch, West Germany
Michele Bennett, West Germany
Frank Fuller, West Germany
Theodore Herzog, Germany
Jane Draves, Germany
Scott Lehmann, Germany
Vicki Versland, South Korea
Wayne Hansen, Germany
William Lamanna, Germany
Kerri Patton (Grube), Germany
Jenna Cushing-Leubner, Austria
Amanda Hilson (Hill), Belgium
Justin Van Ness, Spain
Trever Hagen, Czech Republic
Erin House, Germany*
John Zanetti, Indonesia
James Hahn, Spain
Sarah Janes Ugoretz, Mexico
Christopher Dierich, Germany*
Gina Malagold, Argentina*
Bethany Webster, Germany
Whitney Zahn, Germany
Giselle Conde, Iceland
Adam Bosetski, Colombia
Samantha Kobs, South Africa
Karlene Groshek, Turkey
Angela Koch, Bulgaria
Claire Lind, Turkey
Melissa Hartung, Peru
Lara Steinike, Germany

Gilman Award

Maria Carvalho, Costa Rica
Stacy Dunning (Grams), Mexico
Aaron Schasse, Costa Rica
Mai You Lee, Thailand
Rachel Berg, Costa RIca
Amanda Draxler, Costa Rica
Emily Richgels, Costa Rica
Rebecca Mai, Czech Republic
Tamar Reim, Germany
Jennifer Wendland (Morvak), Thailand
Helen Glover, Japan
James Marsh, Austria
Adam Nelson, Czech Republic
Tara Stefan, Costa Rica
Glenn Terpstra, The Netherlands
Vedran Uzeirovic, Greece
Luke Jacob, Greece
Casey Carroll, Japan
Justin Janicki, Japan
Kristin Bomber, Sweden
Shayna Friday, Uruguay
Hannah Agyekum (Fritsch), Ghana
Susannah Heller, Costa Rica
Michael Nelson, Australia
Katie Rozwadowksi, Ireland
Clare Remer (Wocken), Czech Republic
James Bomber, Australia
T. Benjamin Fischer, Costa Rica
Erin Byrne, Educators Abroad Student Teaching
Adam Coonen, Ghana
Valerie Van Tussi, Ghana
Benjamin Zenda, Czech Republic
Aryn Senger, Spain
Araceli Whitwam-Sell, Nicaragua
Alexandria Berg, Ghana
Oscar Lopez-Martinez, Latvia
Heather Wroten, Uruguay
Kathryn Jensen, Ghana
Colin Weyers, Ghana
Kelsey Freymiller, Germany
Darcy Behringer, Australia
Samantha Kobs, South Africa
Ryan Jensen, South Africa
Ashley Hess, South Korea
Andrew Maher, Japan,
Michael Fiori, Austria
Natasha Fuller, Austria
Emma Heaton, United Kingdom
Sara Schultz, Botswana
Michael Gehrke, Japan
Alicia Hooker, Japan
Christine Manwiller, Italy
Paula Cherop, Botswana
Angelina Pingry, Ireland
Amanda Thao, South Korea
Pa Nyia Thao, South Korea
Kaolee Yang, South Korea
Pang Kou Yang, France
Sumya Paung, Thailand
Mariah Sands, South Africa

Hong Kierkegaard Library Summer Fellowship

Nathaniel Taylor*

National Science Foundation Excellence in Science, Technology Education, and Mathematics Scholarship

Michael McAnally*
Rachael Anderson*
Brandon Barrette*
Andrew Johnson*
Andrew Polzin*
Audrey Boerner (Mohr)*

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Brooks Rohde
Tami Lynn Raguse Grygiel
Michelle Solensky
Sarah Ivory
Jenna Christian
Michael McAnally*
Alyssa Kruger

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Katie Kindt

The Newberry Library Charles Montgomery Gray Fellowship

Christopher Cantwell*

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Greater Research Opportunities Fellowship

Rachael Korinek
Emily Moothart

Woodrow Wilson Scholarship

Ronald Christenson
Ford Hill
John Jane
Travis Olson
Chad Sova