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Although you are instructed to do so at the website,

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is already registered as an institution through, and no additional registration by Principal Investigators or Project Directors is necessary.

Many federal grant programs now or soon will require electronic submission of proposals through This website is a single access point allowing organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies including grant programs such as NSF, NIH, NEH, US Department of Education, USGS, DHHS, etc., routinely used by UW-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff. See for complete details. is a new electronic submission system and is unfamiliar to most investigators. If your proposal requires submission through, you must contact ORSP well in advance of due dates in order to assure an on-time application through this federally required system.

Once on the web page you must find and download an application package using the free PureEdge software provided on the website ( When you have completed and saved all required forms and fields, the proposal will be ready for submission.

You cannot submit the electronic proposal directly to, rather you must transfer the completed files to the ORSP. Place the completed application package on the shared drive
for submission by the Authorized Organizational Representative.

Tips for Using

  1. Use Internet Explorer.
  2. Enable cookie support and pop-ups.
  3. Use a PC; the system is currently not compatible with Macs.
  4. Save the file downloaded in PureEdge to your hard drive before entering information into the file.
  5. After entering data into the file, click the SAVE button. The file does not automatically save the data.
  6. Notify ORSP as soon as you begin the application process, or even before.
  7. Transfer ready-to-submit, completed files to the shared drive (\\fs3\grantssh$\) for submission along with the Extramural Support Transmittal form at least six days prior to the federal due date. Alternatively, bring the completed application to ORSP on a memory stick or CD Rom.

Form 424 R&R

The first form you should complete in any application is the 424 R&R. Once saved it will populate other required forms. Here is the information you will need for this initial form:

Field 5a
Federal Entity Identifier: Leave blank
Field 5b Federal Award Identifier: (Leave blank for new application; fill in previously assigned Federal award identifier number for continutation or revision.)
Field 6-7 Leave blank unless for state use only
Field 8a Legal Name: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Field 8b Employer Identification Number: 39-1805963
Field 8c Organizational DUNS: 120513759
Field 8d Address: 105 Garfield Ave., Eau Claire, WI  54702-4004
Field 9 Type of Applicant: H. Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education
Field 11-15 (Program specific)
Field 16 Congressional District of Applicant: 3rd
Field 17-18 (Program specific)
Field 19 Is application subject to review by state under executive order 12372 Process? Please contact ORSP for information
Field 20 Is applicant delinquent on Federal Debt?  No
Field 21 First Name: Steven
  Last Name: Tallant
  Title: Provost and Vice Chancellor
  Telephone: 715-836-3405

Introduction to (PowerPoint file for presentation on 8/30/06.)