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Frequently requested information 


Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) early in your grant proposal process. UW-Eau Claire will not guarantee meeting agency deadlines if proposals do not provide ORSP five business days for review and approval.


A. General

Legal Name

Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, operating as University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 

UW-Eau Claire Address
105 Garfield Ave., P.O. Box 4004, Eau Claire, WI  54702-4004 

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Address
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Schofield Hall, Room 17, Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 39-1805963 

Organizational DUNS: 120513759  

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B. Political Representatives and Districts

Wisconsin State Legislature
Senator Kathleen Vinehout (, Wisconsin State Senate, (608) 266-8546
Representative Dana Wachs (, Wisconsin State Assembly, (608) 266-7461

US Congress
US Senate: Sentator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin
US House of Representatives: Ron Kind

Congressional District: Third

State Senate District: 31

Assembly District: 93

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C. Authorized UW-Eau Claire Officials

Signing Officials
When submitting a grant proposal, it is on behalf of UW-Eau Claire. The following individuals are authorized to sign. Contact ORSP and we will gather required signatures. Allow five business days for this process.

  • James Schmidt (, Chancellor, 836-2327, Schofield 204 
  • Patricia A. Kleine (, Provost and Vice Chancellor, 836-2320, Schofield 206 
  • David Leaman (, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, 836-2542, Schofield 220D
  • Beth A. Hellwig (, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, 836-5992, Schofield 240E
  • Karen Havholm (, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research and Sponsored Programs, 836-3405, Schofield 17E

Budget Officer
William Featherstone (, Interim Executive Financial Officer, Chancellor's Office, 836-2018, Schofield 204

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D. Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Contact Michael Axelrod (, Chair of Institutional Review Board, 715-836-2373, Schofield 17F. View IRB guidelines and information.

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E. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Contact Dan Janik ( Chair of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 715-836-5023, Phillips 185. View IACUC guidelines and information.

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F. Fringe Benefit

What are the rates?
These rates include UW-Eau Claire’s contribution to retirement, health insurance, FICA and Medicare FICA, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, income continuation insurance, and life insurance. Fringe benefit rates are applied when requesting external funding to pay salaries.

How do I know which rate to use?
Fringe benefit rates vary by employee type. Please follow this link to find the current fringe benefit rates.

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G. Indirect Cost

What are the rates?
Indirect cost rates represent costs that cannot be directly linked to a specific grant proposal because they represent shared costs, such as utilities and office support. For example, costs will be incurred to keep the lights and heat on in buildings where grant activities take place; however, these items are shared by everyone at the institution and are not direct or exclusive to the grant work.

There are two rates; both are based on the total salaries, wages, and fringe benefits being requested in the grant or contract proposal:

On-Campus Rate: 45%
Off-Campus Rate: 18.4%

How do I know which rate to use?
Off-Campus = Work at facilities not owned by UW-Eau Claire and where rent is allocated in the proposal budget.

Only one indirect cost rate may be used per proposal. If greater than 50% of proposal work will occur off-campus, use the off-campus rate.

Where do the rates come from?
These rates are federally negotiated through the US Department of Health and Human Services.

 It is the policy of UW System to recover the federally negotiated indirect cost rate from all agencies that are legally bound by that agreement and from all other federal, state, and private funding sources that will reimburse the University at the negotiated rate.

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H. Student Wages

Student Stipend: Student Job Classifications are determined by the Office of Financial Aid (see Student Employment Manual). Undergraduate students are typically eligible for ‘entry level’ and ‘intermediate level' wage rates, and graduate students are eligible for ‘advance level' wage rates. Student wage rates that do not conform to this must be justified.

  • Entry Level ($7.25 - $7.95)
  • Intermediate Level ($8.00 - $9.95)
  • Advance Level ($10.00 and up)

Individual departments and units have the freedom and flexibility to choose appropriate pay rates for their student employees.

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I. Travel Rates

: For the most up-to-date travel policies and rates, see Accounts Payable (Travel Checklist under the "Travel" section).

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J. Make Checks Payable To

UW-Eau Claire Business Office.

K. Scholarships and Gifts

Contact UW-Eau Claire Foundation Inc. (, 836-5630.

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L. Accounting Numbers

Business Services provides a list of accounting terms along with typical fund and account codes.

  • Fund - A three digit code that identifies the source of funding (previously referred to as Appropriation).
  • Program - Institutional Business Activity Code - A two digit code that defines the purpose of the account/funding (previously referred to as IBAC).
  • DeptID - A six character code that identifies the unit, division, department, and sub-department code for budget and financial activity (previously referred to as UDDS). UW-Eau Claire is unit C; for example, C024010 is UWEC University Accounting.
  • SFS Funding String - The funding string that is used in PeopleSoft Shared Financial System; it is comprised of the Fund-Program-DeptID (without alphabetic characters).
  • Account - A four digit code used for each transaction that categorizes, defines, and identifies the nature of the expense, revenue, encumbrance, or budget entry (previously referred to as Object Class Code)

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M. Research Abroad

If you will be conducting research abroad, review the Research Abroad - FAQ as you prepare. View printable PDF version.

N. Grant Writing: Tips for Success

Use these tips to learn about the grant writing process and prepare grant proposals. View printable PDF version.

O. Extramural Funds Procedures

When you receive a grant award, review this list of extramural funds procedures, including a summary of which UWEC offices to contact for different types of expenditures.

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