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UW-Eau Claire Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Surveys and Reports

This page collects reports and surveys examining the role and effectiveness of faculty and undergraduate research and creative activity at UW-Eau Claire:

UW-Eau Claire Faculty Survey on Aspects of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Spring 2012

As a first step toward developing a roadmap for UW-Eau Claire to sustain and enhance student opportunities in undergraduate research, faculty were surveyed in spring of 2012. The specific goals of the survey were to describe faculty perceptions about: 1) the types of undergraduate research projects undertaken by faculty, 2) the characteristics of the research relationship between the faculty member and student(s), 3) the effort of faculty in mentoring undergraduate research (i.e., hours, number of projects and students), and 4) the role played by the curriculum in supporting this experience (i.e., infusion of skills, nature of research in the classroom). Survey and report by David Lonzarich, April Bleske-Recheck, Sanchita Hati, Jessica Kraker, and Karen Havholm. View the Survey Results. 

ROLE Student Survey of Research Experiences for Undergraduates, Spring 2013

The online ROLE (Research On Learning and Education) survey was completed by undergraduates in the spring of 2013. A total of 114 students (41 self-identified as in the sciences, 20 in the humanities, 45 in the social sciences, 4 in Fine Arts, and 4 unidentified) completed the survey. Survey and report by David Lopatto of Grinnell College. View the Student Survey Results. 

Investigation of Learning Outcomes and Undergraduate Research: Alumni Survey Results, ORSP, Spring 2013

This survey was completed by alumni who did research as undergraduate students between 2005 and 2012. This survey was designed by Heather Johnson Schmitz in order to:

  1. Investigate alumni perception of the value of their undergraduate research experience.
  2. Learn about the faculty-student mentoring relationship.
  3. Establish baseline data.

View the Alumni Survey Results.