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Awards for Mentoring

The Community of Practice also developed a process for selecting an early-career Emerging Mentor and a more experienced Career Mentor each year for an award. Criteria for these awards are based on the Definition of Effective Undergraduate Research Mentoring and input from focus groups of student researchers. Learn more about these awards here.

The Emerging Mentor in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award highlights mentors who have been at UW-Eau Claire no more than five years.


  • Dr. Robert Lodge, assistant professor of geology. Students report that "He [Dr. Lodge] works with many undergraduates and is always willing to make time for his students as well as provide experiences that are necessary for graduate studies or in the industry."


  •  Dr. Kaishan Kong, languages assistant professor. A student nominator, echoing many of the nominators, said: "She allows the students to influence the research in a good fashion and listens to them, and deeply cares about helping students succeed. She continually searches for opportunities for all her students."

The Excellence in Mentoring Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award honors a mentor who has been at UW-Eau Claire five years or more.


  • Dr. Eric Jamelske, professor of economics. Dr. Jamelske is known for working with many students each year and providing them with many, many opportunities to do research and especially to disseminate it.His students apply to participate in every presentation opportunity we offer.To quote a student nominator "I cannot imagine a more enthusiastic professor than Dr. Jamelske. He truly cares about the topics we are researching and it shows in his extensive involvement and dedication. Dr. Jamelske consistently pursues opportunities for us to present our research to new audiences and prepares us well for each conference. He involves a number of students from a variety of disciplines in his projects and works with each of us individually to develop a successful program. Much of our research is community based and he has helped us to understand the value of developing and working with community partners."

  • Dr. Doug Faulkner, professor of geography and anthropology. A strong theme in his nomination statements was his long- term mentoring beyond UW-Eau Claire.One student said "Over a ten-year period Dr. Faulkner has served as a mentor during my undergraduate days at UWEC and continues to mentor me now as a new professor. I now actively encourage his students to come enroll at my institution's graduate program. It is not reaching for me to say that Dr. Faulkner has helped to change the landscape of our field through his efforts in student/faculty research."

Selection of the awardees began with nominations by students and alumni.  Finalists then submitted materials, including a philosophy of mentoring and evidence of mentored student outcomes, which were evaluated by a faculty award committee. Criteria were developed by faculty and students based on published best practices and personal experience.

Past Winners

Community of Practice on Mentoring Student Researchers

This COP was offered in Spring 2015 with 14 participants. Each participant selected a mentoring practice to modify, implemented a change in practice, and assessed its success. Some of the products of these efforts, including mentoring contracts, timelines, student and mentor evaluation forms, and other ideas for improvement and streamlining, will be posted on this site under the resource section.

A similar but smaller group convened during 2016-17.