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2011 Authors Celebration 



D'Arcy Becker Accounting and Finance
William Miller Accounting and Finance
Wanrudee Buranakorn Art and Design
Jason Lanka Art and Design
Tali Lee Biology
Paula Lentz Business Communication
Warren Gallagher Chemistry
Kurt Wiegel Chemistry
Martha Fay Communication and Journalism
Marie Stadler Communication Sciences and Disorders
Yan Li Economics
Deborah Pattee Education Studies
Shevaun Watson English
Manuel Fernández Foreign Languages
Martina Lindseth Foreign Languages
Dan Strouthes Geography and Anthropology
Kent Syverson Geology
Louisa Rice History
Teresa Sanislo History
Jeffrey Janot Kinesiology
Matthew Wiggins Kinesiology
Abraham Nahm Management and Marketing
Charles Tomkovick Management and Marketing
Rama Yelkur Management and Marketing
Manda Riehl Mathematics
Eric Jennings McIntyre Library
Jill Markgraf McIntyre Library
Nicholas Phillips Music and Theatre Arts
Ethan Wickman Music and Theatre Arts
Scott Lowe Philosophy and Religious Studies
Ali Abootalebi Political Science
Justin Patchin Political Science
Jennifer Muehlenkamp Psychology
Vanda Galen Social Work
Erna Kelly Women's Studies