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Celebration 2008 



Rajarshi Aroskar and William Ogden Accounting and Finance
Kristina Beuning Biology
Michael Carney Chemistry
Shyam Chadha and Veena Chadha Mathematics
Shannon Collins and Angela Sterling-Orth Communication Sciences and Disorders
Robert Erffmeyer Managment and Marketing
Matthew Evans Physics and Astronomy
Max Garland English
Beth Hellwig Student Affairs Office and
Dean of  Students
Paul Hoff and Nuria Ibarrechevea Hoff Foreign Languages
Dan Holt Psychology
Won Yong Jang Communication and Journalism
Jeffrey Janot Kinesiology
Thomas Kemp Economics
Lee-Ellen Kirkhorn Nursing
David Lonzarich Biology
Jonathan Loomis English
Sue Mc Intyre Curriculum and Instruction
Sean McAleer Philosophy and Religious Studies
Colleen McFarland McIntyre Library
Peter Myers Political Science
Michael Penkava Mathematics
Crispin Pierce Public Health Professions
Geoffrey Pignotta Geology
Jill Pinkney Pastrana Foundations of Education
Christos Theo Art and Design
Ingolf Vogeler and Brady Foust Geography and Anthropology
Paul Wagner and Joline Morrison Computer Science
Ethan Wickman Music and Theatre Arts
Pamela Richmond Social Work
Tarique Niazi Sociology
Vicki Snider Special Education