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2005 Student Research Day winners 


Arts and Humanities


Jane-Marie Ovanin with faculty mentor Michael Christopherson, "Continuing the Craft: Contemporary Metal Boxes"


Melissa Holmen and Josh Molnar with faculty mentors Jim Oberly and Rick St. Germaine, "Researching the History of Phoenix Point Park"

Behavioral and Social Sciences


Meghan Swanson, Mark Remiker, Nicole Zeug, and Andrew Rohloff with faculty mentor April Bleske-Rechek, "Happy Babies Make Men More Attractive: Evidence for Female Preferences for Parentally-Investing Men"


Bryan Frenz and Devon Disrude with faculty mentor Tim Bawden, "The Hinterlands of Professional Baseball in the United States"

3rd (tie)

Kellen Lange and Susan Rauterkus with faculty mentors Brady Foust and Lisa Theo, "Cartographic Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election in Cleveland, OH"

Emily Mack-Olson, Jill Becker, Valerie Jonjak, Natalie Koffarnus, Justine Majeres, Regina Carroll, Tracy Schweiner, Thomas Hahn, Katie Keller, Sarah Weis, Andrew Kwilasz, Nalee Xiong, Jacquelyn Petroni, Tiffany Domaszek, Lindsay Johnson, and Emily Wiechmann with faculty mentor David Jewett, "Factors that Affect 'Satiation' in a Model of 'Hunger'"

Business and Professional Studies


Rebecca Hutchinson, Danielle Aanenson, and Lindsay Duwell with faculty mentors Ruth Cronje and Marc Goulet, "Regional Research and Evidence-Based Healthcare Practice in the Countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union"


Amanda Sutherland and Brett Welter with faculty mentors Chuck Tomkovick and Rama Yelkur, "Marketing and the Movies: What Drives the U.S. Box Office Revenue"


Sara Halada with faculty mentor Kristine Retherford, "Language Sample Analysis: A Comparison of Two Procedures"

Natural and Physical Sciences


Darin Mohr with faculty mentors Mohammed Elgindi and Robert Langer, "Finite Difference Solutions of a Linearized Version of the Heat Equation in a Molten Polymer Flowing in a Circular Tube"


Benjamin Sykora with faculty mentor Kim Pierson, "Micro-Wire Fabrication Using Magnetron/DC-Triode Sputtering"


Jodi Swanson with faculty mentor Paula Kleintjes, "Dine and Dash: "<Lytta sayi> Deflower Stand of <Lupinus perennis>, the Sole Larval Host Plant of the Federally Endangered Karner Blue Butterfly <Lycaedeis Melissa samuelis>"


Jeremy Treague with faculty mentor Harry Jol, "Searching for Buried Lewis and Clark Sites: Geophysical Investigations along the Washington and Oregon Coast"


David Mans with faculty mentor Kent Syverson, "Deglaciation History of the China Lake Area, South-Central Maine, Based on Glaciomarine Sediments and Newly Obtained c-14 Ages"

Graduate Entries


Melisa Cushing Davis with faculty mentors Patricia Turner, Oscar Chamberlain, and John Mann, "Chippewa Valley Rosies: The Economic, Social, and Cultural Impact of World War II on the Women of the Chippewa Valley"

Kell Container Corporation Scholarship

Lori Scardino was awarded the Kell Container Corporation Scholarship. Her project title is "Characterization of and Exploration of Applications for a Robust Series of Fluorescent Probes Based on the Naphthalimide Fluorophore" with faculty mentor Scott Hartsel.