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How to Submit to the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

All IRB forms are processed in the BP Logix eForm system using your university access. If you are not familiar with BP Logix, It is highly recommended you read the Using eForms and BP Logix Tutorial.

A complete application for the IRB review and approval will include the following:
  1. Completion of the Human Subjects Protection Tutorial to receive your IRB Certification
  2. IRB Electronic Project Application (IRB Initial Form Submission) including:
    1. Cover Letter to prospective participants
    2. Informed Consent Documents
    3. Description of proposed protocol, including any survey, tests, or other instruments.

Starting Your Application

To start an application, go to and log in with your UW-Eau Claire username and password. For a detailed explanation on using BP Logix to start a form, please see the see the Using eForms and BP Logix Tutorial.

After selecting ORSP as the department, there are several IRB forms you may use:
  • IRB Initial Form Submission: used to obtain IRB approval for a single research project.
  • IRB - Course Certification Request: used by instructors to take on some of the responsibilities of the IRB for classroom research projects.
  • IRB Certification Only: used to take the UWEC Online Human Subject Protection Tutorial and obtain certification.
  • IRB Project Status Form: used to renew, terminate, or report any changes to a project already approved by the IRB.

If you wish to have a research project approved by the IRB, you will want to select "IRB Initial Form Submission".

Human Subjects Protection Tutorial

In order to submit any project applications to the IRB, a user must have completed the UWEC Human Subjects Protection Tutorial. This required tutorial is independent of any previous certifications and will only need to be completed once. For subsequent proposals, you will not be prompted to repeat certification. Once you have initiated the tutorial by starting an "IRB Initial Form Submission", and until you complete it, the tutorial will be available under My Tasks. The tutorial will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Groups are encouraged to complete the tutorial together in order to discuss topics specific to their project. For easy access, the complete tutorial is available as a PDF.

Navigating the Tutorial

When finished with a given page, click Next Section at the top of the page to move to the next page.
To close and save the form for later review, click Save and Close for Later at the bottom of the page.
To delete the form entirely, click Delete Form and WorkFlow  at the bottom of the page.
In order to fully complete the tutorial and receive a certification, you must answer the three questions correctly at the end of the tutorial (you will have multiple chances). When you have answered all questions correctly, click on Complete Certification  to finish the process. You will then receive an email with your certification and an attached PDF of the tutorial.

IRB Initial Form Submission

Once the certification has been completed, you may start the IRB Initial Form Submission. If the form does not already appear on your My Tasks screen, but you are still in BP Logix, click at the top right of the screen to refresh the page. If you still do not see the IRB Initial Form Submission, you may need to initiate a new form. Under Start New Form, select ORSP, and select IRB Initial Form Submission. This should add the form to your My Tasks screen.

Filling out the IRB Initial Form

For any sections that require a narrative, you may type or paste in text or attach documents near the end of the form. The following documents, if applicable, as well as any other supporting documentation, should be included upon submission:

  • Cover Letter to prospective participants
  • Informed Consent Documents
  • Description of proposed protocol, including any survey, tests, or other instruments.

If you need to pause before finishing the form, click "Save to Edit Later." The form will remain accessible in BP Logix under My Tasks. Once you submit the form, it may be viewed, but NOT changed, under View Forms in Process while it is being used by others.

Upon submission, you will receive an email with a PDF of your form attached. If you do not receive the email with the attached PDF after submission or have any questions about this, please contact ORSP at or 715-836-3405. After submission, you can view and track the progress of your form under the View Forms In Process tab.

Sharing forms with co-investigators

The eForm system only allows one person to edit a form at a time. Therefore, if co-investigators need to contribute to the application, the person who is currently assigned the form (i.e. it appears in their My Tasks tab) will need to make any and all changes to the application. It is recommended that the initiator distribute PDF versions of the application to any co-contributors. The form may be converted to PDF at any time by selecting "Print" at the bottom of the form and saving it as a PDF (by using software such as CutePDF). This PDF, then, can be distributed outside of BP Logix.

Research in Elementary, Middle, or Secondary Schools

Proposals involving research in elementary, middle, or secondary schools must also be submitted to the UWEC Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences and the respective school district administrative offices. Because researchers must comply with any district policies, it is recommended to allow ample time.

Still need help?

If you have questions about the BP Logix process, it is highly recommended you read the Using eForms and BP Logix Tutorial. If you are still having problems, please call ORSP at 715-836-3405, or email

If you have further questions about the IRB process, please contact Michael Axelrod at 715-836-2373 or If you have questions about using the eForm system, please contact ORSP at 715-836-3405 or