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IRB Composition

The IRB operates as a function of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs which, in turn, is one of the units within Academic Affairs under the direction of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

2017-2018 Membership

An updated list of membership can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

IRB Membership Requirements

  1. The IRB must have at least five voting members with varying backgrounds to complete an adequate review of research activities commonly conducted at UW-Eau Claire. The IRB must be sufficiently qualified through the experience and expertise of its members and the diversity of their backgrounds to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects. In addition to possessing the professional competence necessary to review specific research activities, the IRB must be able to ascertain the acceptability of proposed research in terms of institutional commitments and regulations, applicable law, and standards of professional conduct and practice. The IRB must, therefore, include or seek input from persons knowledgeable in these areas.
  2. The IRB must include at least one member whose primary concerns are in scientific areas and at least one member whose primary concerns are in non-scientific areas. It must also include at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated with the institution and who is not part of the immediate family of a person who is affiliated with the institution. As part of local policy, UW-Eau Claire includes one student member. In addition, both the Director of Health Services and the Director of the Human Development Center serve as ex officio voting member. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs serves as ex officio, but non-voting member.
  3. In reviewing proposals involving children, pregnant women, mentally disabled persons, or other unique populations, the IRB membership shall be expanded, if necessary, to include an appropriate representative who is knowledgeable about and experienced in working with these special subjects. When prisoners are the subject of research, 45 CFR 46.304 requires that at least one member of the Board be a prisoner representative.
  4. Voting members shall serve three-year staggered terms and shall be eligible for reappointment.
  5. The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will appoint the IRB Chair, and then the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, in consultation with the IRB Chair, will appoint the voting members of the IRB.
  6. No IRB member shall participate in the review of any research project in which said member has a conflict of interest, except to provide information upon the request of the IRB.
  7. The IRB committee will meet once per semester and more often as needed.
  8. Minutes of all IRB meetings shall be recorded and distributed through appropriate channels.
  9. The IRB shall comply with the provisions of the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law including the option of going into closed session, as appropriate, to protect the patent and/or publication rights of the investigator(s).

For additional information from the HHS (Health and Human Services) on institutional administration of an IRB, see the Institutional Review Board Guidebook.