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Please use the link to the Foundation website to search for any UWEC scholarships for which you'd like to apply.  To find scholarships specific to nontraditional students, please look here.

Note: Students attending under "Special Student " status are not eligible for most Financial Aid or scholarships.  They are, however,  eligible to apply for the Returning Adult Student Fund.

Returning Adult Student Fund
Eligibility: Applicants must be nontraditional students, age 23 or over, returning to school after an interruption in their education, who are independent of parental support. Financial need required. Students enrolling as "specials" are eligible to apply. Awards are made each spring and fall semester (no Winterim or Summer awards). Notifications of the award determinations will be sent to award recipients only by the approximate award dates noted in the scholarship.
Award: Variable
Number Awarded Yearly:
Award Determination: About 3 weeks after the start of the semester

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