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Student Information

 The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) plays a critical role in helping multicultural students navigate the campus environment by providing services that enrich students' personal and intellectual development. Our staff advocates for students and assists them in making positive connections with faculty, staff, and other students. We also provide support for a variety of student conserns, including illness, academic trouble, and other personal situations. 
     We strongly encourage all students of color to visit our Student Services Coordinators so that we may help your enrich your college experience and achieve your fullest potential. Whether we are the first or the last office you come to for a personal or academic concern, or just looking for some general advice, we are hear for your.

If any of the following questions/topics pertain to you, please contact us:

1. Academic and social support
2. Suspension appeals assistance
3. Diappointing course grades
4. Financial Aid assistance
5. Major and career exploration
6. Course selection/registration
7. Educational and personal goal attainment
8. Tutoring assistance
9. Diversity/Inclusivity issues
10. Cross Cultural counseling assistance
11. Want to be successful in college
12. Time management help
13. Social coping skills
14. Student organization support
15. Feeling overwhelmed about college