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Alumni Success

Dang Yang '08

Did you pursue further education after graduating from UW-Eau Claire? YES     

Dang YangName of institution:  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Degree/program:  M.A. Multicultural College Teaching & Learning                

Completion date:  Anticipated Graduation Date of Fall 2013

1. Please tell us about your life after graduating from UW-Eau Claire:  

My professional and personal journey after graduation was heavily influenced by the experiences I received at UW-EauClaire.  While pursuing an academic degree in Communications, my involvement with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and through my community volunteer work with various non-profit organizations, I grew very interested in working in a capacity that would allow me to empower young students to explore and pursue their educational and personal goals. 

After graduating from UW-Eau Claire, I began working at UW-Stout as the Multicultural Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the School of Education. In this professional capacity, I work with high school students interested in exploring teaching careers, and I advise current UW-Stout teacher education students preparing to receive their teaching licenses.

My education at UW-Eau Claire heavily influenced my passion for travel.  After graduating, I have had the opportunity to travel to Thailand, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean, as well as throughout the United States.  

Since graduating, I decided to return To school to pursue a Master's degree program at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in the M.A. Multicultural College Teaching & Learning program.  I have discovered so much about the  

2. What are your future plans? 

I look forward to continuing to indulge in my interest in traveling across the world, and I look forward to staying in the Eau Claire area as I continue to explore other avenues to empower young students from under represented populations. 

3. What did you like best about your time at UW-Eau Claire? 

The best part about my experience at UW-Eau Claire was in the community we created for ourselves.  There was a lot of value in knowing that there was a core support system of peers in place for me to explore my academic needs and to grow and develop in a holistic fashion.  It was only in retrospect that I came to realize that the education I received in the classroom was only one small part of preparing me to become a critically conscious member of the larger community.  UW-Eau Claire provided a lot of opportunities for me to work with lots of other people to practice being a leader and to practice thinking critically in order to be successful in my profession. 

4. What were some of your proudest college accomplishments? 

My proudest accomplishments at UW-Eau Claire were my service as a student leader in the Hmong Student Association. 

5. Best class at UWEC and why: 

My favorite class at UW-Eau Claire was my CJ 357– Professional Communication course.  

6. Best professor at UWEC and why:  

The best professor I had was Dr. Judy Sims in the CJ department.   

7. Best memory about UW-Eau Claire:

During Spring Break one year, a group of my friends and I took a road trip to California to explore and connect with various Hmong youth communities in that state. We met a lot of community members from a variety of different socio-economic backgrounds, different experiences, and different lifestyles.  Our formal and informal interactions with these communities only strengthened my love for community activism and m interest in building my personal and professional network.  I learned a lot about their lived experiences in California and we discussed the intersections of the types of challenges we all faced as a national Hmong community. Moreover, I find that the most significant memories of my education at UW-Eau Claire tended to be in the learning experiences I received outside the classroom.  

8. Any advice for future Blugolds?  

The most significant thing you can do as a current student is to explore lots of different types of opportunities where you will work with different types of people from lots of different types of backgrounds.  There are so many jobs and careers related to the skills you pick up in your major that are not advertised,and the only way to find out what they are is to meet a lot of people and show them how passionate you are and how hard you work.  These co-curricular experiences will pave the way to meet your personal goals and supplement your professional aspirations.