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McNair Scholars represent the University of Eau Claire at the 26th Annual National Ronald E. McNair Research Graduate and Recruitment Fair

The National McNair Research Conference was held on October 20-22 in Schaumburg, IL where the McNair scholars were able to attend and present their research projects. The annual conference was designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to present their research in a professional and nurturing environment. Through this conference, the scholars were able to attend workshops, panel discussions, and activities to introduce them to the nature of graduate study. They were also presented with the opportunity to gain helpful tips and suggestions in writing an effective graduate admissions application.

National McNair Conference  National McNair Conference  National McNair Conference  National McNair Conference  National McNair Conference  national mcnair conference

Don Asher 2017 Conference

Don Asher is a nationally recognized authority on the graduate school admissions process where they host a two day retreat every year to teach students about furthering their studies into the graduate program. On September 29-30, the McNair students were able to attend the Graduate School Retreat at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The scholars attended seminars designed to teach about the benefits of the graduate study, how to select and apply to schools of their choice, and how to obtain funding for their graduate-level education.

Below are a few of the McNair scholars posed with Don Asher at the Graduate School Retreat.
Back row from left to right: D'Karlos Craig, AJ Abundez-Arce, Mirella Espino, Don Asher, Josh Stinger, Fatou Kebbeh, and Josey Fudally.
Front row from left to right: Sierra Lomo, and Ka Vang.

Don Asher Conference

University of Minnesota Graduate Program Visit

The McNair scholars attended the University of Minnesota's McNair Scholars Visitation Day. Throughout the day, the scholars received graduation admission information, a campus tour, and an opportunity to visit with a faculty or graduate admissions counselor from their desired graduate school program. The scholars were able to learn more about the specific graduate programs they were interested in and gain insight into one of the many graduate programs offered in the Midwest.

UW Visit  UM visit  UM visit

McNair Office- New Location: Schneider 106!

Come and check out our new space for the McNair Office located in Schneider 106. The new office has lots of space for students to work and use resources for their studies.


National Trio Day Celebration

The McNair students participated in the National TRIO Day Celebration on April 11th of 2017. The McNair Program operates as a TRIO project. The TRIO projects work as a program to serve students with parents who do not have a college degree, students with limited to low income families, and students with disabilities. This celebration awarded outstanding students and UW-Eau Claire staff members who have contributed their exceptional service towards the TRIO projects.

Click the Link to learn more about the National TRIO Day event.

 TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration TRIO Day Celebration

McNair Program holds a seminar for Senior scholars

The McNair program held seminars for their Senior scholars in February. Click on the videos below to watch these presentation.

February 3rd, presentation by Dr. Sanjukta Chaudhuri, for the Senior McNair scholars. (View Video). 

February 10th, presentation by Jeremy Miner, for the Senior McNair scholars. (View Video).

December Research Symposium Success!

McNair scholars presented the results of their research at the McNair Program Symposium on December 12th, 13th, and 14th of 2016 in the Davies Center. Special guests included Provost Patricia Kleine, Chancellor Jim Schmidt, and many of the McNair scholar mentors. We thank those of you who joined us and we hope you enjoyed learning about the terrific research projects by our McNair scholars. See the photos of the event below.
2016 McNair Presentation2016 McNair Presentation2016 McNair Presentation2016 McNair Presentation2016 McNair Presentation2016 McNair Presentation

Welcome Cohort 18!

This Fall we are proud to announce our incoming Cohort of McNair scholars. They will continue their involvement with the McNair Program throughout the next two years, participating in events such as the 2017 Summer Research Institute and the 2017 December Research Symposium. Welcome scholars!

Cohort 18 Group Photo

McNair Program 2016 Summer Research Institute

The McNair Program is excited to inform the campus community about the 2016 Summer Research Institute which started on June 13th and will continued until July 22 nd. The Institute involves lots of activities with McNair scholars. These include GRE preparation courses, workshops on graduate school application, developing lists of graduate schools to apply to, graduate school site visits, workshops on financial aid, fellowships and scholarships, money management, academic writing, writing for academic publications, personal statement, and CV writing. The McNair program is also connecting McNair scholars with various tutoring and counseling resources on a need basis. Most importantly, the McNair program is delighted that all of its McNair scholars along with their wonderful mentors are involved in significant collaborative research projects this summer. Click here for a list of the project titles.

Q&A Session on Motivation led by former scholar Alex Munger

Many thanks to our recently graduated McNair scholar Alex Munger. Alex led a two-hour Q&A on July 7th, 2016 with current McNair scholars on graduate school application process, stress management, time and anxiety management, GRE preparation, financial aid, and answered general questions on how to manage the graduate school application process successfully. Alex Munger was perfectly positioned to lead this session as a recent graduate, a successful graduate school applicant, and also as a compassionate person who is always willing to help peers. Alex will start Graduate School in the Fall of 2016 and will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to study music.

Alex Munger



University of Minnesota Site Visit

The one-day trip which was on June 21st 2016 consisted of fifteen McNair scholars and Dr. Chaudhuri traveling to the University of Minnesota campus, visiting various departments, exploring the campus, and finding out all about graduate school application process, financial aid, and other opportunities!


2016 Summer Research Institute

During the 2016 Summer Research Institute, The McNair Program held a financial workshop on June 15th for our scholars. The scholars received advice on financing both their research and graduate studies. >view video

News from recently graduated McNair Scholars of Cohort Sixteen

The McNair program is delighted to share with the campus community, the list of McNair Scholars of Cohort Sixteen who graduated in May 2016 and the graduate school they will be entering in the Fall of 2016.  Read more.

McNair Luncheon

On May 5th, 2016, The 16th Cohort of McNair Scholars and their mentors got together for the McNair Luncheon in The Davies Center. They were able to share their research and listen to the piano played by peer Alex Munger. Below are a few featured images but to see them all, click on our Facebook link at the bottom of the page.

Rachel DouglasNeil McMillanSanjukta Chaudhuri

2016 TRIO Mentor Award Recipients

Dr. Jennifer Dahl

Dr. Jennifer Dahl, chemistry

Dr. Dahl first became a McNair Mentor in the Fall of 2013 when she nominated Tayo Sanders for consideration as a McNair Scholar.
> read more.

Dr. Kevin Klatt

Dr. Kevin Klatt, psychology

As the Director of the Campus Autism Program, Dr. Klatt's research and the CAP have provided the opportunity for no fewer than five McNair Scholars to conduct research into the development and learning styles of children diagnosed with Autism.  > read more.

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