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Updates for the McNair Program

Last updated 01/28/2018.

Stay Updated with the McNair Scholars!

The McNair scholars stayed busy this year attending and presenting at many conferences as well as touring Universities for graduate programs. Shown below are a few photos of their experience. From top to bottom, the photos are from the Annual National McNair Conference, the Don Asher Conference, and the University of Minnesota Graduate Program visit. To see and learn more about each event, click on link or go to Media Gallery on the left tab. 

 national mcnair conference
Don Asher Conference
UM visit



McNair Scholars' Research Symposium

The Mcnair scholars presented the results of their research at the McNair Program Symposium on December 11th, 12th, and 13th. Come support our scholars and their research projects in the Ojibwe B ballroom Davies Center from 3:30pm-5:30pm. (Click link to see the forum schedule.)


2017 December Symposium


Introducing the Cohort 18!

Welcoming the scholars in the McNair Cohort 18. Be sure to stay updated for the upcoming Research Symposium lead by the scholars in our Cohort 18.
(Not all scholars are shown in photo. To see all scholars, click link.) 
 cohort 2018

Back row (left to right): Mirella Espino, Adrian Abundez-Arce, D'Karlos Craig, Hayden Nelson, Sierra Lomo, and Josephine Fundally
Front row (left to right): Kaolee Yang, Chantal Bougie, Fatou Kebbeh, and Dua Ci Khang


Welcome Back to the Fall of 2017!

The McNair office gives a warm welcome back to students and the McNair Cohort to the new school year! As the school year begins, the McNair office wishes everyone well with their academics and plans for the year. Again, the McNair program is located in Schneider 106. Stop by to visit or to learn more about the program and what resources we provide.

McNair Office- New Location: Schneider 106!

The McNair office is now located in Schneider 106! Stop by to visit the program's new space. No other changes have been made to the contact information of the McNair Program.

McNair Scholar Applications for 2017!

The McNair program is recruiting eligible students for the 19th cohort! The application deadline is Friday, May 12th.

Check to see your eligibility here: (Click Link)
Apply here: (Click Link)

Contact the McNair Office if there are any questions:
Call: (715) 836-4912
Office: Schneider 106

School year of 2016-2017 

December Research Symposium Success!

McNair scholars presented the results of their research at the McNair Program Symposium on December 12 th , 13 th , and 14th of 2016 in the Davies Center. Special guests included Provost Patricia Kleine, Chancellor Jim Schmidt, and many of the McNair scholar mentors. We thank those of you who joined us and we hope you enjoyed learning about the terrific research projects pursued by our McNair scholars. If you missed us, click here to view the lineup from last week. See photos of the event below.

YerLorSymposiumSmall SymposiumGroupDay1

Delevan Conference October 2016

McNair Scholars of UW-Eau Claire attended and presented at the recently concluded National McNair Conference and Graduate Fair in Delevan, Wisconsin from October 28th to 30th, 2016. We had a fun and productive time! Check out some pictures from the conference below.


Delevan Conference 3

Delevan Conference 1

Recent University Recognition

Check out these stories about the McNair Program that were recently posted on the University website:

If you would like to reach out to the McNair Program or have any questions:
Call: (715) 836-5519

Matt Evans
Interim Director