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Faculty Research

All Materials Science faculty members have active research programs.These research projects involve undergraduates.UW-Eau Claire has been designated a University of Wisconsin Center of Excellence for Faculty-Student Research Collaborations, so students are encouraged to participate in research. Many of the research programs also have connections to industry. Below are the current areas of research within the Materials Science Program:


Research at UWEC looks at fracture mechanics of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds and mixtures called alloys.

      M. Jewell


Materials that have length scales on the order of billionth of a meter can have unique properties. These types of materials have applications in fields ranging from consumer electronics to medicine. Research at UWEC in this area includes growth and synthesis of nanomaterials and characterizing their chemical and physical properties.

      J. Dahl, D. Dunham, M. McEllistrem

Polymers and colloids

Polymers are chemical compounds with repeating structural units. Synthetic plastics are examples of polymers. A colloid is a material that is microscopically dispersed in another material. Research at UWEC includes synthesizing and characterizing new types of polymers and colloids.

     L. Glogowski


Semiconductors are materials with electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator. Conductivity is controlled by the amount and types of impurities in the material. Semiconductors are the materials used in computer chips. Research at UWEC in this area investigates surfaces and interfaces of wide band gap semiconductors like SiC and GaN.

      D. Dunham, M. McEllistrem


Superconductors are materials that allow electric current to flow through it with no resistance. Research at UWEC investigates the physical properties of superconductors and the interfaces with other materials.

      M. Jewell

Staff Expertise

The Materials Science Center has experienced staff with expertise in all of the instrumentation housed in the Center

       Dr. Anthony Wagner