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K-12 Outreach

The Materials Science and Engineering Center offers a variety of programs and opportunities for K-12 students to learn about Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology.Each year dozens of presentations are given to school classes and after-school programs.These presentations are typically from 30-45 minutes in length and can be tailored to the age of the students.These presentations are meant to be entertaining as well as educational.The Materials Science Center can also provide access to instrumentation for schools to use as part of their curricula.For example the Scanning Electron Microscope is remotely operable, so the instrument can be used during a class anywhere that has internet access.

One of the major outreach events each year is NanoDays.One week each year, usually in March or early April, is designated as NanoDays by the NanoScale Informal Science Education network.As part of this celebration the Materials Science Center hosts hands-on activities for the public.  The last two years the event has been held at the Children's Museum of Eau Claire.

For more information contact:

Dr. Doug Dunham, Material Science and Engineering Center Director,, 715-836-5312


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