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Allied TechCut 4 Precision Low Speed Saw

The TechCut 4 saw is used to cut samples that may be damaged by high speed sectioning.This gravity fed system has sliding weights (0-300 grams) to apply or counterbalance force during sectioning.Cutting fluid is applied to the sample via the rotating blade.    

  • Blade Speed: 0-500 RPM in 10 RPM increments    
  • Arm Positioning with 1 µm resolution    


Allied TechPress 2 Hydraulic-Pneumatic Mounting Press    

The TechPress 2 is an automatic sample mounting system for use with a variety of thermoset polymers. Two mounts can be produced simultaneously and up to 99 molding programs can be saved in the press software.    

  • Heating Temperature Range: 0-200° C    
  • Molding Pressure: up to 5500 psi   


Allied M-Prep 3 Grinding/Polishing Machine

The M-Prep 3 is a manual grinding/polishing system which features a variable platen speed from 0-600 RPM (Check this.)Water application is also user controlled.The lab stocks a variety of grinding/polishing abrasive media for use on this and other preparatory equipment.


Allied MetPrep 3 Grinder/Polisher with PH-3 Power Head

The MetPrep 3 is a semi-automatic grinding/polishing system for consistent preparation of metallographic specimens. A touch pad allows control of all functions, with a maximum of 25 user-programmable steps.The PH-3 Power Head provides controlled sample force and allows up to 6 samples to be prepared simultaneously    

  • Platen speed: 40-600 RPM in 10 RPM increments    
  • Rotation Mode: Comp/Contra    
  •  Time: 0-120 minutes in 15 second increments    
  • Sample speed: 0-150 RPM in 10 RPM increments    
  • Force: Single/Central    
  • Central Force: 5-50 lb. in 1 lb. increments or 22-219 N in 4 N increments    
  • Single/Individual Force: 0-16 lb. in 1 lb. increments or 0-70 N in 4 N increments   
  • Integrated fluid dispensing: Water only    


Buehler VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher

The VibroMet 2 is an automated final step polisher, removing minor deformations after mechanical preparation. Its 12 inch bowl allows for the simultaneous preparation of multiple samples.The VibroMet runs at 7200 cycles per minute of horizontal motion, providing exceptional flatness.Once loaded, the system can run unattended for prolonged periods.


Denton Sputter Coater

The Denton Desk V is equipped with a gold target to allow coating of non-conductive samples prior to introduction into an electron microscope.The coating thickness can be varied, and typical deposition rates are on the order of 4 Angstroms per second.Because this conductive layer is so thin, it does not obscure sample features in electron microscopy.


Edwards Evaporator

The Edwards Auto 306 evaporator system is equipped with turbo pump vacuum system, 2 thermal evaporation sources, and a FTM-6 quartz crystal thin film monitor. The system is routinely used for gold deposition on silicon using a chromium bonding layer. Alternatively, a carbon source can be installed in the system to carbon coat samples for electron microscopy.


SentroTech 1700° C Tube Furnace

The SentroTech STT-1700C-3-6-OT tube furnace has a 2 ¾" ID alumina tube for heat treating samples at high temperatures. The system has sealing endcaps capable of handling both a reduced atmosphere (10-3 Torr) and a positive pressure inert gas flow. The furnace has a Eurotherm programmable controller which allows for custom temperature programs with multiple rate changes and hold temperatures. The maximum temperature for the furnace with the alumina tube is 1700° C.


Lindberg/Blue M 1200° C Tube Furnace

The Blue M 1200C furnace is a three-zone, split-hinge furnace with a 6" bore and 36" heated length.Mullite and quartz tubing is available in 3" and 6" diameters.The furnace operates in air with a quartz vacuum encapsulation system available to seal small samples.


Vacuum Oven

The VWR symphony vacuum oven model 414004-580 is 32L oven suitable for drying, baking, conditioning, and outgassing solid and liquid samples. The oven has a temperature range from 70 - 200° C and has a vacuum range from 10 to 750 mm Hg. The vacuum is generated using a dry chemical pump capable of pulling a vacuum on organic solvents without the need for a solvent trap.