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Math Retreat


Our Annual Math Retreat

Each year, in late April, the students and faculty of the Department of Mathematics host an annual Mathematics Retreat. In place of math classes, students make presentations, open the public, that have mathematical content. Talks are at the general, intermediate, and advanced level.

In addition to these student presentations, an invited speaker delivers the annual Andrew Balas Mathematics Lecture. There is also a Mathematics Talent Show, to prove that math faculty and math majors can do things other than think about mathematics! At the end of the day, there is a Math Competition, where teams of undergraduates compete for prizes, such as Acme Klein Bottles made by Cliff Stoll.

All of our events are open to the public. In particular, alumni, area high school teachers, and their students are invited and encouraged to attend. 

2016 Math Retreat Schedule: Twenty-Fifth Annual Math Retreat

Recent Invited Guest Speakers


  • 2015: Leon Harkleroad, Professor of Mathematics, Bowdoin College

  • 2014: The Know Theater, "Calculus, the Musical!"

  • 2013: Anselmo C. Pontes, Owner/Operator, Quetzal, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2012: Elizabeth Difanis Phillips, Professor of Mathematics Education at Michigan State University

  • 2011: Steven Krantz, Professor of Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis

  • 2010: Susan Kelly, Professor of Mathematics at UW-LaCrosse

  • 2009: Yoichiro Mori, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Minnesota

  • 2008: Urmila Malvadkar, Professor of Mathematics at St. Olaf College