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Course Reserves

Course Reserve materials are divided into 3 different categories:

  1. Print & Media Course Reserves
  2. Limited Checkout Library Equipment
  3. Permanent Reserves

1. Print & Media Course Reserves are materials that are placed on Reserve by an instructor of a particular class. These materials may be recommended or required readings by an instructor but must have a limited check-out to promote fair access among class participants. They are available for checkout at the library circulation desk.

2. Limted Checkout Student Equipment may be accessed as a Reserve material behind the circulation desk in the library if the item is heavily circulated or if reservations are not accepted. Such equipment includes electrical meter testing, headphones, dry erase markers, phone/laptop chargers, computer mice, calculators, and other miscellaneous equipment. For a complete listing of these types of materials, visit the Equipment Checkout Guide.

3. Permanent Reserve materials are materials that will always be located in the Reserves section of the library.  These items may not be associated with a specific class or instructor. Materials can be deemed as Permanent Reserves for a variety of reasons:

  • The material(s) may be heavily circulated and a limited check-out length is required.
  • The material(s) may require higher security (i.e. is more expensive).
  • The material(s) may have been specially requested by faculty to be placed on Permanent Reserve.
  • The material(s) may be a non-traditional material (i.e. Xcel Energy Power Check Meter).
  • The material(s) may be associated with a reference collection that is expensive and in higher demand.
  • The material(s) may be classified as Permanent Reserve but actually be equipment that is requested frequently (i.e. headphones, dry erase markers, etc.).

NOTE: Electronic Course Reserve has been discontinued, effective Fall 2014.