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iPad Checkout 

How do I get started with the iPad?

In a word, explore! If you are looking for some more specific tips to get started with the iPad, just read on!

What are the buttons for on the iPad?

The iPad only has a few physical buttons:

ipad Diagram

The Home button has several functions. It wakes the iPad when it is sleeping, exists out of apps, and returns the iPad to the primary "home" screen.

The On/Off Sleep/Wake button allows you to turn the iPad on and off, as well as put it to sleep and wake it up. Tapping this button will either put it to sleep or wake it. Holding the button down for a few seconds will either power the iPad off or on. The iPad uses very little power when it is asleep, so it is not often necessary to turn the iPad entirely off.

The Silent button and Volume buttons control the iPad audio. Switching the iPad to Silent will keep it from making any alert noises. Increasing or decreasing the volume will adjust how loud media plays.

How do I use the touch screen?

Most navigation on the iPad is done by touching the screen. For example, touching icons will launch the app it represents. Swiping your finger across the screen will move you from one screen area to the next. Swiping can also be used for scrolling through documents or web pages. Gestures do different things depending upon the app you are using. Gestures are designed to be very intuitive.

How can I use the case as a stand?

The case can be used as a stand with three different angles. To convert the case into a stand, use these steps:

ipad Case Stand

  1. Pop the iPad out of the corners on the inside of the case
  2. Lift the free edge of the iPad up
  3. Set the free edge of the iPad into one of the three slots

When you're done using the case as a stand, just pop the inside corners back into the case.

How do I check my e-mail?

You can use the Safari browser to check your Webmail, but most people prefer to use the Mail app. It doesn't take long to set up, and there are detailed instructions on setting up the iOS Mail app.

Can I download my own apps, media, or files?

Yes, you can, but there are two issues with doing so. First, you need your own Apple ID. If you own an iPod or iPhone, you probably already have an Apple ID; it's the username and password you use to login to the App Store. If you do not already have an Apple ID, you will need to create one. Second, these iPads get wiped clean of anything saved on them between rentals. If you download, install, or create any content on the iPad, you must remove it before the end of your rental, or it will be lost forever.

Can I access the Lab Anywhere virtual lab from the iPad?

Yes! The VMware View app is already installed on the iPad. You will use this app to connect to the Lab Anywhere virtual lab which grants you access to most of the software available in the computer labs on campus. LTS Online Help has detailed instructions for setting up and using the Lab Anywhere virtual lab.

What other apps are already loaded on the iPad?

There are a bunch of apps already installed that we hope you will find useful and enjoyable. For a full listing of apps that are already installed, please visit the iPad Apps Listing. They are organized into groups on the iPad. Tap your finger on a group to see the apps inside.

What do I do if I have a technical question about the iPad?

Contact the LTS Help Desk. You can stop by the Help Desk in Old Library 1106, call at 715-836-5711, or e-mail to