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Special Collections & Archives

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a Blugold?
    The simple answer is that those are the school colors chosen by the students when the school began in 1916. Throughout the years there have been many attempts to find a logo, symbol, or mascot to personify a Blugold. During fall commencement 2003, the student speaker best summed up what Blugold is to her - it is the spirit of the school from the classrooms to the campus to extracurricular activities.

  2. What is Special Collections?
    Special Collections is a term used by libraries to denote those collections that are unique, interesting, rare, or separate from the main collection. It can include maps, photographs, rare books, books on a special topic, archival documents, and manuscripts. Here at McIntyre Library's Special Collections department we have rare books, master's theses, local history (including books, maps, photographs, microfilm, and videotape), and historic university documents (including administrative records as well as the campus newspaper and yearbook) as well as the historic records from the Wisconsin Historical Society's Area Research Center including historic public records from local courthouses, historic records of local businesses, and personal papers of area citizens.

  3. Isn't this the Area Research Center?
    Yes, the Eau Claire Area Research Center is housed in the McIntyre Library Special Collections & Archives.

  4. Who can use the resources of Special Collections?
    Any one from the university or the general public is free to come to the library and use our materials. Each researcher will need to complete an annual registration form and present a photo identification in order to receive a researcher card.

  5. Can I check out the books and archives from Special Collections?
    No, all materials must be used in the reading room in the Special Collections department. Nearly everything in the department is rare, one-of-a-kind, or difficult to replace. Many items are fragile and need special handling.

  6. How can I make use of materials from other Area Research Centers?
    The Wisconsin Historical Society and its Area Research Center Network maintains a daily courier service whereby collections held in Madison or at the ARCs may be transferred amongst the repositories for a minimum of 30 days. Please contact the Archives Staff for more details.

  7. Can materials be photocopied or scanned?
    Yes, for the most part. Fragile and oversized items as well as rare books need to be approved by the staff.